Hanna Khoury
Lebanon Daily Star correspondent
Maronite Bishops condemn the war against Iraq
April2, 2003

Lebanon’s Maronite bishops on Wednesday called for aid to Iraq’s refugees in
Lebanon and condemned the US-led war against Iraq.
Following their monthly meeting, headed by Maronite Patriarch Cardinal
Nasrallah Butros Sfeir, the bishops issued a statement in which they stated
their position on the US-led war on Iraq, and paid their respects to Pope
John Paul II and to his stand on the war.

“He has not stopped cautioning about the war’s repercussions, and the war
has nothing to do with religion,” the statement said.
“The war has reminded the Lebanese of their own civil war and its tragedies,
which lasted for over 17 years. Some of us are still suffering from its
after-effects,” the bishops said, adding that the war was rejected by a
significant number of people before it was rejected by the UN.

“Had some of the money that was spent on buying destructive weapons and
financing savage fights, been spent on improving living conditions in some
countries, this war would not have been necessary.”

The bishops also called for understanding and unity among the Lebanese,
regardless of their religious faiths and sects, “in order to face up to the
dangers that are lurking around the corner.”