Urgent Appeal
To the Friends of Palestine from the Palestinian Council for
Justice and Peace
March 27, 2000

Dear Friends,

We extend the warmest greetings from the steadfast Palestinian people
confronting the systematic practices of oppression by the Israeli
occupation. These policies are set by the new government that represents
national, military and religious fundamentalism in the state of Israel.

The people of Palestine are grateful for your acts of solidarity activities
with its just cause. This solidarity enhances our resolve and feelings that
we are not alone, especially in light of the diminishing interest shown by
the international community towards a people besieged under occupation for
the past 33 years.

The new Israeli government, representing Jewish fundamentalism, clearly aims
to prevent the establishment of the state of Palestine in the Territories
occupied in 1967. Also, it is planning to derail the peace process between
the peoples of Israel and Palestine. Its political agenda calls for eternal
control of Palestinian land, transfer of Palestinian inhabitants and the
establishment of Greater Israel. This agenda assumes granting the
Palestinian people a sort of self- rule within Greater Israel as a practical
solution to the Palestinian people.

Dear Friends,

The international solidarity movement with the Palestinian people plays a
significant role through exposing violations of human rights perpetrated by
the Israeli military, exercising international public monitoring of the
peace process to guarantee realization of just and permanent peace and
applying pressure on national governments to develop a better stand towards
the Palestinian cause. This role attains greater importance in light of the
current explosive situation in Palestine and the presence of a Jewish
fundamentalist government in office.

Developing a stronger and more effective solidarity movement requires
concentrating on the core issue of the current conflict i.e. "the 33
year-old Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories". The Israeli
government accepted the relevant resolutions by the international
legitimacy, upon which the Madrid Peace Conference was convened in 1991,
specifically, Resolutions 242 and 338 and the formula of Land for Peace,
when it ratified the Oslo Declaration of Principles expressing readiness to
implement the said resolutions. Yet, there are people in Israel today who
refuse to abide by these resolutions and do not acknowledge international
legitimacy. Rather, they call for executing the legitimacy of the Torah
threatening the region with religious wars and cutting off all the bridges
towards regional peace.

Accordingly, solidarity activities need to be augmented focusing on the goal
of ending the occupation. This would directly alleviate much of the
suffering endured by the Palestinian people. We strongly believe the
occupation would not end swiftly and completely. Therefore, all activities
that expose, weaken and besiege the occupation, especially the provision of
international protection for the Palestinian people, would serve our
people's cardinal goal of ending the occupation.

The new extremist government of Israel describes the Palestinian resistance
of the occupation as "Terrorism" and "Violence". Furthermore, it demands
total submission by the Palestinian people and their consent to the most
hideous forms of occupation known in history. A people's right to resist
foreign dominance is considered "Terrorism" in Israeli vocabulary.
Nevertheless, such statements are expected standard rhetoric of colonial

The negotiations, if resumed, would not lead to prompt solutions or to a
just and permanent peace at least in the near future. Therefore, the
provision of international protection for the Palestinian people is the only
mechanism that would help end the occupation.

Dear Friends,

Let us all raise the following slogan:

" End the Occupation, and in the meantime, Provide International Protection
for the Palestinian People".

The Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace
Ramallah, Palestine.
27 March 2001