Bethlehem Christmas Lutheran Church Survives another Night of F-16 Bombing

The sound itself is scary, and then it strikes. You hear an explosionÖYou feel
itÖYour doors shatterÖYour windows blowÖYour children screamÖYou feel so
helplessÖAnd then you see the flames risingÖAnd a dark cloud overshadowing your
neighborhoodÖThis was the experience of so many people in Bethlehem last night.
In addition, it was a sleepless night especially for several families and
members of ChristmasLutheranChurch and staff of the InternationalCenter, who
happen to live in the same block where the target of the F16 was. Here are some
of their stories.
Our German co- workers Birgit Schäfer, Johannes Zang and Marc Frings were
witnesses of the latest attacks as well. You can find their descriptions right

As daylight broke, life came back to the streets of Bethlehem.People moved to
their work, schools, and markets.Unlike yesterday morning, as people gathered at
the ICB, there was little talk of the attack of last night.People moved to their
desks and began to work, planning for art workshops for children and adults,
scheduling music lessons with the National Conservatory, working on details for
the inaugural opening of the newcenter in May, planning for the summer academy
for children and youth.Today, holding tightly to the future, everyone got on
with living.Steadfast in their vision, they will not be crushed.

We would like to invite you all to visit our newly updated web page and read the
annual report of 2001 as well as our count down for the grand opening of the new

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