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Dear Friends,

I am so sad to tell you that St. Nicholas and St. Michael Greek Orthodox churches were shelled last night too, by Israeli missiles and heavy artillery.  Two of the of the oldest churches in the Bethlehem area, after the Nativity Church were hit.  It is extremely outrageous to think that with Christmas coming, instead of decorating churches with a tree or with lights, churches are decorated with broken windows and broken icons.  Jesus' home has not been saved from the Israelis for the second time in history.  The history repeats itself again when before the birth of Jesus Joseph and Mary His family had to leave their home to come to Bethlehem.  Families in Beit Jala, Beit Sahour, Al-Khader village and in many other cities in Palestine had to leave their homes trying to find safety from Israeli raids and attacks.

It makes me angry to see human beings being killed so brutally by Israeli soldiers and settlers, churches getting shelled and homes being destroyed and leaders of the world sit still watching.  Where is Mr. Clinton who calls himself a Christian and his churches are raided and attacked.  Where is European leaders who also claim Christianity and they see churches much older than their own countries being shelled by Israeli tanks and missiles and do nothing?  Where are Moslem leaders of the world who claim support of Palestinians, but still wait four more months to meet and take decisions against Israel?  I can keep asking more and more questions, but I know that I won't get an answer from any of these leaders!!

Dear Friends, please help to understand why is all this happening?  Please help me to understand why a young man called Yousef from Irtas village have to be shot twenty two bullets, by two Israeli soldiers who were trying to compete who fires more bullet at one person?  Are they humans who do such things?  Are they God's creation who have so much hatred to keep shooting 22 times at a single unarmed Palestinian who is 21 years old?  How can Yousef's parents ever forget what Israel has done to the son they have been raising up year after year, until he was 21 years old?  How can they se their son with 22 bullets in his young body and feel but hatred and revenge towards any Israeli on earth?  I so Yousef's body on Television and believe me there is no single par of his body which is not torn into pieces.  His father and brother weeping their heads out when they saw his pieces.........  I am sorry to have to describe such a dreadful scene, but I feel num and cannot feel anything in my brains any more.........

This is not all.  Two days ago the Israeli Head of Army issued an outrageous or I can say a crazy order saying that no Palestinian is allowed to drive or travel in his private car between cities.  Any private Palestinian car driven on roads between, lets say Bethlehem ad Hebron will be shot at by Israeli soldiers and settlers.  The Israeli TV reported this order two days ago.  For the last two days, I have been thinking of what Palestinians should do.  For example if a doctor wants to visit a patient or treat an injured person, this doctor cannot drive his own car, he should wait on the road until he gets a taxi or a bus(Which we do not have anyway).  So for example if a women is in labor and there is no doctor in the village, then the doctor from the near by town cannot go to this woman in his own car, he should travel only in public transport or in a lorry??? I still cannot understand such an order, and find myself screaming from despair and anger....

You see all of the entrances and exits of towns and villages in the West Bank have been closed by Rocks, and stones.  Beit Jala entrances and exits have been blocked for the last eight weeks.  I have friends who live in Husan village which is near Beit Jala and work in Bethlehem they cannot go from one place to the other except on foot.  They have to climb over these blocked roads to be able to get to the next town or village.

At Inad Theatre we have been going to Hebron area to perform for children, and every time we have to carry our equipment over these blocked roads and transfer from one car to the other until we get to our destination.  Now with this new order, we will be shot at if we travel in private cars.  So every time we move from one side to the other, we have to wait till we get a taxi to take us to the next blocked entrance of a village or a town.....What can I tell you....

On the other hand, Israeli Settlers who live in Hebron area are allowed, of course, to use bypass roads or to be transported by helicopters.

Tomorrow we have two performances in AL-Summou' village in Hebron, and I am really sacred.  We will make sure to only travel in public transport, but you never know what happens.

I might have written in a complicated way, but believe me it is so hard to understand all what is happening.

Oh, I forgot to mention but Palestinians are not allowed to leave the country from the airports and neither from the Alemby Bridge on the Jordanian borders.  Only humanitarian cases can leave and after long procedures.  I feel I am imprisoned despite the fact that I do not want to leave the country at the moment.

Life is hell in all its meaning.  I think God is letting us know what hell is, so we can look forward to heaven......

God Keeps you away from Hell and protect you.


Marina Barham, Bethlehem