Message from Voices in the Wilderness
Iraq Peace Team
February 24, 2002

Charlie Litkey, Kathy Kelly and Mike are at the Demilitarized Zone along the Iraq-Kuwait border with 19 other members of the Iraq Peace Team.
Liteky's plea for peace was directed to soldiers and sailors , praying for their safe return home"without having to participae in the horrors of war. He acknowledged that servicemen and women have been placed "in a position full of anxiety and danger because back home we do not truly govern ourselves- but are instead ruled by a minority who decide questions of warand peace in the interests of the few, not the many"
Kathy Kelly urged "people of conscience all over the US to conduct a massive, preemptive sit-down for peace," saying the tactic used by American unions and civil rights activists was," the only thing that can avert war and a humanitarian disaster in Iraq".
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