Child killed and seventeen children, woman and elderly man injured in
Monday, December 02, 2002

Israeli forces killed Mu'taz 'Awdeh (18) this morning in Jenin, and
injured another 21, including 17 children, a woman, Jamila Mir'i (48),
and an elderly man, Walid Hasanein (65) after indiscriminately firing
upon school children throwing stones.

According to information gathered by LAW, at around 8:40am, a unit of
Israeli 'Special Forces' (Musta'ribeen - Israeli Special Forces who
disguise as Palestinians) in two Palestinian-registered cars headed for
the al-Masarwa area of Jenin on Port Said Street, on the outer section of
Jenin's old city. Surrounding the home of Basam Abu Obeid, they ordered
over loudspeakers the expulsion of all people from the residence. The
Special Forces arrested two men, Mohammad 'Aql (22) and Murad Hasanein
(23), whom Israel claims are 'wanted' due to their membership in Islamic

During this, Israeli forces, including two APCs and four jeeps came to
assist the Special Forces. They settled in the eastern and western
entrance of the old city, and imposed a curfew upon the city.

At around 9:20am, school children began returning home after hearing
there was a curfew placed on the city, they gathered close to the Israeli
forces and began throwing stones at them.

Immediately, the Israeli forces opened fire upon them, using heavy,
medium and light weaponry, injuring Mu'taz 'Awdeh (18), with a gunshot to
the heart. He died on his way to hospital. Another 21 were injured, 2 of
them seriously, according to medical sources at the Dr. Khalil Suleiman

The injured are: Mohammad 'Abd al-Fattah (13); Ashraf Sibaaneh (14);
Ibrahim Sibaaneh (15); Ahmad Ismail (15); Amin Steiti (15); Mahmoud
Zakarneh (15), shot in the back, in a critical condition; Fadi Jarrar
(16), shrapnel in the waist, in a critical condition; Ayman al-Saadi
(16); Mohammad 'Abd al-Karim (16); Mohammad Obeid (16); Shadi Qawsini
(16); Abdullah Abu Ghali (16); Hani Kastouni (16); Ashraf Abu Rish (16);
Imad Nasrallah (16); Mohammad al-Razi (17); Ibrahim Darwish (17);
Khalil 'Amer (20); Nimaan al-Shalabi (25); Jamila Mir'i (48); Walid
Hasanein (65)

More than 1860 people have been killed during this Intifada, including
405 children. Willful killings prohibited under article 3 and 147 of the
Fourth Geneva Convention amount to grave breaches, which under the
article 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and
Protocol One to the Fourth Geneva Conventions are defined as war crimes.

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