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Continuing Israeli escalation in Bethelehem District
20 October 2001

Since LAW's previous press release was issued today, Israeli occupation
forces have escalated their aggression against Palestinian civilians. In
Bethlehem, 19-years old Johnny Yusuf Thalgiah was killed by Israeli
occupation forces on Manger Square.

While visiting Aida refugee camp, Aisha Abu Odeh (39), a mother of eight
from Jerusalem was killed. Additionally, Israeli occupation forces killed
15-years old Yusuf Abayat.

Earlier today, 22-year-old Rania Kharufa was mortally wounded by Israeli
fire in Beit Jala. Additionally, 25-year old Abdul Kader Abu Srur and 19-
year old Musa Abu Aeda were killed.

More than 35 Palestinians in the Bethlehem district have been wounded,
including a number who are in critical condition. Also including, a
doctor and an ambulance driver who were injured on their way to 'Azza
refugee camp to provide medical aid to wounded persons. In 'Azza refugee
camp two homes caught fire after being hit through shelling. Israeli
occupation forces did not allow firemen to reach the homes.

Israeli tanks and armored vehicles while randomly shelling and shooting
are entering from various places in the Bethlehem district, including
refugee camps such as Aida and 'Azza, and towns such as Beit Jala.

LAW demands an immediate intervention by the international community to
halt the Israeli aggression against unarmed Palestinian civilians and to
provide immediate protection.

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