24 April , 2002

Appeal on behalf of all inside the Nativity Church

In parallel with its incursion to the Palestinian territories, Israel has launched a Public Relations campaign to cover its atrocities and cruelty in these areas. The besieged Basilica of the Natvity is one spot where the Israelis have been spreading fabricated lies and using all kinds of Psychological pressures aiming at  breaking the moral of those besieged inside the church. Monks, priests from all denominations in addition to civilians and Palestinian Authority personnel and activists are all suffering tremendously  as a result of such policies, the latest of which, the rejection of the Israeli Offence Forces to allow medicine or basic food and water to be sent to the besieged..

 We all greatly admire the heroic stand of our priests inside the Nativity . Three of those priests are Palestinians and they come from the same neighborhood we  live in . The priests, together with the others, are determined to follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus, to protect  the holy stones  as well as the living stones, as long as the aggression continues despite all kinds of  the warfare Israel is launching in the most sacred spot of Christianity.

The relations between Moslems and Christians in Palestine is living its golden age in this last three weeks crisis . This unity has been deepened by a bond of blood on the Land of Palestine and this is causing a major problem in the Israeli Zionist agenda for this area.

On behalf of the braved priests and in the name of Jesus Christ we again call upon his holiness Pope John II and the heads of  all churches  and peace lovers to intensify their efforts and respond to the cry of the birthplace of our Lord  and put an end to  the suffering and pain  of his children  in the Holy Land as a result of the Israeli aggression and in particular  the besieged Basilica .