To a friend who only believes the Zionist version
Fr. Labib Kobti
May 1, 2002

Great, thanks dear friend, I hope that you will agree at least for an INDEPENDENT UN INVESTIGATION GROUP:

1) Why Israel refuses to accept the Fact Finding from the UN. If this version of your friend and many others are true, and I will try to believe you friend; why they do not tell their story honestly and let the world KNOW ALL THE TRUTH. Why we do not read these things on the News papers?

2) Listen friends, this is a fact:
For over a month Israel was saying that the Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy land in the Church of the Nativity are hostages of Muslim terrorists and Armed Muslim people. When many times I myself called as representative of the Church of Jerusalem and spoke to the people in side and I gave also people to call and many journalists called and found out that the brave Franciscans were not hostage, but they were just staying there to save the lives of these people. In fact the Israeli snipers have killed over four people including the ringer of bells of the Church of the Nativity.

And when they come and say it that they are not, and when the Vatican said they are not, and when the Head of the Christians Churches of the holy Land have given Colin Powell a letter on April 13, during his visit and did not say any of that..
Please find it at:

How you want us to believe the Israeli version, when everybody says the contrary? And when in the past real fact known by history and journalists have proved the Israeli lies on the ground.

In fact:
a) Lies have been said by the Israelis many many times. One time they have said that the Christians in Palestine were persecuted by Arab Muslims and  the US new papers have repeated it. The TRUTH was that the Israeli government of Netanyahu have lied and just lied. Please read all what really have been said and how they found out about the truth on this webpage:

b)  When the Israelis have massacred hundreds of persons at QANA in Lebanon and the UN Compound, in April 18, 1996 and when the General Secretary of the UN revealed all the Truth about the Massacre. He was thrown out by the US because they told him not to reveal the TRUTH that blamed the Israelis. Please read all the story at:

c) The same story have happened to our American Marines at the USS LIBERTY in 1967. The History Channel worked a documentary that you can ordre it yourself: History Undercover, Cover Up Attack on the USS Liberty, cat. N0.AAE-43132 (a color. 50 minutes, VHS documentary).
This documentary will tell you about the power of the Zionists in America and how they even are covering up on the killing of our own Marines.

3)  Now all what it is needed for the TRUTH ON JENIN that a third party, not Israeli, not American, not Palestinian, that should tell all the TRUTH. The UN have established a group. Israel is refusing, when Jenin is a Palestinian city and not an Israeli city. So  Israel is afraid of what: the TRUTH? If the TRUTH is on the side of Israel: ALLELUIA, why they do not tell it and let the third party make and independent and accurate INVESTIGATION. Let us hear it and let the whole world accuse then the Palestinians, let it be. We need only the TRUTH.

4) Some Third party: Amnesty International, Human Rights NGOs, UN Human rights, some American from Colorado, English, American, Italian, French journalists have revealed some of the TRUTH. And some TVs, like ABC (Night Line) have given some documentaries that proved that the Zionists have just lied.
Please read all this at:

So who should we believe?

Americans deserve to know the TRUTH, only the TRUTH and ONLY the TRUTH.
Is it too much asking to know all the TRUTH?

So help us to ask the USA to pressure Israel and the UN for the TRUTH and only the TRUTH.

Again this is an APPEAL TO PEOPLE OF CONSCIENCE, to help us to know all the TRUTH!

Father labib Kobti