Questions on the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem

By respect to the person, I took off the name and the list

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Dear Justice Members

The highest moral ground we can expect as human beings from the Children of
Isaac, Jacob and Esau, both the Jews and the Palestinians and others with
Semitic genetics, is in the Old Testament

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"

The willingness and ability to truly minister forgiveness was granted to
Christians, and only Christians and those to whom they minister it.
Forgiveness needs a miracle of grace each time it is granted.

Forgiveness is only necessary when the evil-doer intends the evil and does the
evil act voluntarily and deliberately
Acts or omissions done in ignorance or by accident require the interested
parties striving towards knowledge and understanding of the truth and any
resolution comes into the area of exhoneration.

This is NOT forgiveness - much of which involves terrible acts done on

In contrast to much of the mail sent to this group, I have found a much more
balanced and honest approach to the tragedy of the conflict in Israel can be
found by consulting the website below


PO BOX 1192,

Dear CIN Justice Members:

I want to thank our Friend  for telling the list about these Brothers Christians in the Holy Land: The Christian Embassy of Jerusalem.

If you go to Google and put Christian Embassy of Jerusalem  (
You will find this out of many:
Christian Action for Israel
... Welcome to "Christian Action for Israel" Formerly the site of Canadian Friends,
International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem (1982) now owned and operated by ...
Description: Historical-Biblical view and support of Israel and the Jewish people.

I THINK THAT: It is UP TO THE LOCAL CHRISTIANS to say their word. It is JUST fair, because the Christians of the Holy Land have been Christians for 2000 years and deserve to be heard:

It is up to the Local Christians of the Holy Land to tell us about who are really for them and for others: Israelis and Palestinians and if really this Dear Group of Christians in the International Embassy of Jerusalem work for FORGIVENESS, Love and fairness.


The Local Christians of the Holy Land have another say to tell about these our dear brothers and sister mentioned above in the message.

They speak about the UNBALANCED and DISHONEST APPROACH of these Christians and not see what our beloved and Dear friend have said: (In contrast to much of the mail sent to this group, I have found a much more balanced and honest approach to the tragedy of the conflict in Israel can be found by consulting the website below)

Please find yourself this by reading these messages sent by the RELIGIOUS LEADERS of the HOLY LAND about them: (I think the Christians of the Holy Land, who lived there for 2000 years as Christians can be more TRUTHFUL in speaking about things on the ground).

I can invite you first to write directly to Rev. Don Wagner who was one of them and who changed at :
He is the author of many books that you will love to read.

Some Leaders in Jerusalem out of many if you write them directly as mentioned below:

1) (Who do they represent?)

Others comment:


You can visit:
Or  Updates

Please let us be fair.
Please read what the Catholic Church and many other Churches about them.

You can write yourselves to these Churches in Jerusalem (I wish you can do this and be precise in asking them what they think, I give you below some addresses, or you can go the Google or any other search engine and find them), PLEASE ask them about who are REALLY the Christian Embassy of Jerusalem for them.
They are again the only people, because they lived in the Holy Land and they deal daily with them for years, THESE people can tell you all the truth and not anybody else (As I can tell you as I come from there and I work there for years):

1) The Catholic Church of Jerusalem:
2) The Catholic Church of Nazareth:
3) The Anglican Church of Jerusalem:
4) The Sabeel organization, Jerusalem:
5) Christian American Volunteers in West Bank: (Rev. Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders)
6) Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jerusalem, Email:

I wish I am contributing to build justice and TRUTH.
Pray for me and pray for the TRUTH to be known.
My God's name is: I, AM TRUTH.

Father Labib Kobti