Bishop Riah Abu Assal
Anglican, Jerusalem
July 20, 2001

I am sure that you are following the daily news closely.  The situation
continues to be very serious. Only last night 2 adults and a baby of six
months were killed by settlers as they were heading back to their home in
Al-Khalil (Hebron).  Barak, who failed in his political career tries to
distort the image of Mr. Arafat at a time when Sharon apologizes for naming
President Arafat names.  They seem to be in real political chaos.

Day after day I become more convinced that the present Israeli government
has no agenda for peace.  Their mind is on war - perhaps a regional war.
Sharon reminds me of Psalm 120.  The hidden agenda in his mind is already
unfolding.  It is getting more and more obvious that the government is
indeed run by the "settlers" and is having no other agenda except that of
the settlers.  It requires no genius to figure that such agenda will never
bring peace or security to him or to Israel. Their arrogance and feeling of
being militarily strong blinds their eyes to that which will bring them
peace and security.  No wonder Christ continues to weep over Jerusalem.

The only way out is the implementation of the U.N. Resolutions.  Israel must
be made to comply with U.N. Resolutions as Iraq was.  Only then, peace will
overcome and truth will prevail.

On another note, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury is scheduled to
visit with us between July 27-30.  Pray that all goes well.

Know that this comes with our prayers, kindest regards and all good wishes.

In Christ,
+ Riah