From: (Stéphane Joulain)

Hello Father Labib,

Here is a letter that I sent today to Haaretz you might be able to use it.

Fr Stéphane JOULAIN

Would somebody help me make sense of what is going on in the Holy land ?

I would like somebody to help me to answer these questions:

 · Every day we hear that Palestinian children and teenagers are killed.  The Israeli government is holding these Palestinian children and teenagers responsible for their death.  What are they saying - that these children are practising collective suicide?

·  Every day we hear that the lives of Israeli solders are being threatened by children and teenagers.  We hear about how these Israeli soldiers feel obliged to protect themselves, how their snipers shoot the children and teenagers in the head or in the chest.  Is this what they call self-defence?

·  Every day we hear about how dangerous these Palestinian children and teenagers are, how they frighten the life of the Israeli soldiers who are hidden in their tanks.  I ask which is more lethal - the stones thrown by ten year old children or the bullets of Israeli machine guns?

· Every day the list of victims is increased by two or three names, and it seems like the politicians of the world do not dare to react.  Have people got used to what is happening?  Is it part of the normal routine of life?

·  Every day the people of Israel are losing their soul.  Will somebody please react?

· Would someone (who is still human enough) in Israel publicly denounce the evil at work in their government policy?

· Would those who are God-loving in Israel be courageous enough to say "enough is enough"?  Can they not say "no more lies!"?

It is very worrying to see the extent of the power of evil working in this situation. Children are dying, people are being handicapped for life; and, yet, nobody seems to be reacting strongly enough, nobody is saying, "STOP IT, THAT'S ENOUGH!"

f neither the people of Israel nor the people of the world stand up and stop this evil, we'll all risk losing our soul, and humanity will be thrown into the path of destruction.

 Slowly but surely we are heading towards our doom, we need to react and to stop before it's too late - and there is nobody who can stop it better than people of Israel.  These are the people who have known in their flesh and blood the power of evil.  For God's sake people of Israel,  "STOP IT, THAT'S ENOUGH!"
Tuesday, 07 November 2000,

Jerusalem, once upon the time the Holiest of Cities.

Fr Stéphane Joulain
Coordinator for the White Fathers' JPIC Network
Ste Anne's Church