Orthodox Jews Call for Dismantling of Israel

Washington DC
February 6 2002

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss spokesman of Neturei
Karta International, a world wide movement of
anti-Zionist  Jews, announced that delegation of
Rabbis  will be joining the "Coalition of
Arab-American, Muslim  Organizations" in protest
against the Zionist State.

"It is high, time that the Jewish people
realize  that which our sages and the vast
majority of  Jewry understood, when Zionism
began a little over a  century ago, that, Zionism
is a movement of profound  danger to the Jewish

"Hasn't enough blood been spilled, both Jewish
and  Palestinian? Isn't it time to rethink the
entire Zionist enterprise?"  Rabbi Weiss noted
that the message his group will bring to
Washington and the Palestinians assembled there,
is the clear Talmudic prohibition of
Jews over the Holy Land until their sins be
expiated in exile. Violation of the terms of
Jewish exile  has caused much suffering for all
parties in the  Middle  East. "It is high time to
dismantle the Israeli state. It is a blemish on
the Jewish people.

All mankind is told by the state's
representatives, that  Israel represents Jewry. This is utter
nonsense. Heretics cannot represent the Torah
people.  Those guilty of massive cruelty towards
the Palestinians cannot represent a merciful

"The task of the Jewish people is to devote
itself  to Torah and God's service. We are
called upon by our Creator to remain loyal to
the countries of  our  exile and to pursue good
will towards all men.  Zionism is an evil
distraction which lures its victims into endless
conflict with other  peoples."

"Today we have joined with the Palestinian
people in  a show of sympathy for their
suffering. Prime  Minister Sharon's presence
today in Washington,  is an affront to believing
Jews and suffering  Palestinians."

"May we all be worthy of seeing the day when
the  state of Israel will be no more, the
Palestinians  will be relieved of their
suffering. And the  wayward Jews will return to
their brethren in the true service of God. The
day when all nations will  recognize the One God
and then, we will all  serve Him together
peacefully. AMEN."


Announcement by the Rabbinical Congress of Upstate New York

Bloodshed in the Holy Land

Torah true Jewry in outcry against the leaders of the "State" of Israel

According to the Torah, the Jews are forbidden to have a State, even a
religious State. Therefore, all Rabbis and God-fearing Jews, since its
inception have opposed Zionism in any form and all of its ensuing

With pain and sorrow we will gather to protest against the torah defying
"State of Israel”, specifically against their Leader the bloodthirsty,
Sharon! Who is presently visiting President Bush, It is he who in
defiance of the Torah desecrated the name of the Almighty by going on
the holy mount proclaiming war against the Palestinian people. He
thereby instigated and exploded an endless chain of murder and bloodshed
of all people in the Holy Land. He is constantly fueling this war
together with his atheist colleagues in the government of Israel.

We also will gather to protest against the vicious police and acts of
the Israeli government against religious Jewry.

We will protest the persecution and incarceration of rabbis who were
defending holy grave sites.

We will further protest the assisting of the cold-blooded murder of the
prominent Rabbi Samet for his defending religious principals in the holy
city of Jerusalem.

We also ask the government of the U.S.A. to use all means available to
them, to halt all these actions, to gain the release of the revered
Rabbi Biton and bring to justice the murder of Rabbi Samet o.b.m.

We pray to the Almighty to free the land and the Jewish people with the
forthcoming of Moshiach! [the Messiah].

Rabbinical Congress of Upstate New York
P. O. B. 79, Highland Mills NY 10930