JERUSALEM, May 1, 02 ( -- Israeli officials,
fulfilling a request from Palestinian negotiators in
Bethlehem, have provided a list of the Palestinians
inside the Church of the Nativity who are wanted on
terrorism charges.

The Jerusalem Post has published a list of 10
Palestinian activists, connected with groups such as
Hamas and al-Fatah, who are reportedly inside the
basilica. The list-- provided by Israeli military
officers-- cited charges that these 10 individuals were
connected with terror bombings and other acts of

Prominent among the names submitted by the Israeli
officials is that of Ibrahim Muhammed Salem Abyat, who
is described as the chief organizer for terror attacks
by the militant group Hamas. All the Palestinians
listed are residents of Bethlehem or the nearby
Dheisheh refugee camp.

The list of Palestinian terror suspects was furnished amid rumors that the month-long siege of the Church of the Nativity might soon be lifted.

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, who is traveling as a special representative of Pope John Paul II, arrives in Bethlehem today to join in the negotiations.