Statement of the religious Islamic and Christian leaders and the national united forces in Jenin district
Nov. 3

1)      We, the religious heads in Jenin district and the national forces and in this dangerous historical period in which we pass, repeat our condemnation of the massacres committed by the Israeli forces against our unarmed Palestinian people, their act of aggression on our holy Islamic and Christian places and the bombing of houses of our families without consideration to what may happen to our children, women and old men. We also condemn the unjust siege on our villages and cities and the blocking of the entrances in all districts of our country. The dangerous procedures and orders taken by Israel are really a violation to human rights and the international law which has a destructive blow on peace process which has given hope to the Palestinian and the Israeli people in order to attain a real peace with real justice, since peace is the strategic dependable way in all the governments of the world. We believe that peace is not a result of balancing powers between two peoples but it is an echo to the principles of morals and justice besides the international law.

2)      Our people in Jenin district, Moslems and Christians, natives of one country who form on actual political reality. We are united by one history and one Arab nationality. We declare that what we demand is a part of our Palestinian people’s demands who refuse abandoning Jerusalem. The dangerous cruel actions carried out by Israel against our Palestinian Arab people in order to have a strong sovereignty on Jerusalem and the holy Islamic and Christian places and its refusal to apply the legal international resolutions for Jerusalem is contradicted with the international customary laws. So, the Arabs, Moslems and Christians represented by their religious heads and the united national forces make sure that Arab right for Jerusalem will be restored to its owners, the Palestinians.

3)      The uprising of the Palestinian people including the Arabs in Israel is a circumstantial evidence against the Israeli occupation and its injustice and its violation of human rights, dignity and freedom of worship. It is also considered a protest against the distasteful massacre and the Israeli dishonor of the Dome of Rock and the Aksa Mosque which is a part of Moslems’ religion and which is an Arab Islamic unalienable property (Waqf) admitted by the legal international law in order to live in an independent free democratic state with human dignity similar to other states and nations. We call upon leaders of the world including leaders of Arab states, UN and international organizations and the European Federation to support the Palestinian people in their just demands which are what follows:

-Admitting the right of the Palestinian people in its self determination and setting up a Palestinian state which expresses the legal international principles especially the right of freedom and right of repartition of refugees as shown in UN resolutions No. 194.

-To stop Israeli occupation in Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Arab Jerusalem as it shown in UN resolutions No. 242, 338 and 191 and removing settlements from Palestinian lands.

-We do not admit changes that are done by Israel in Jerusalem and its suburbs, which is against the customary international laws assuring the Arab nationality of Islamic, and Christian Jerusalem and should keep its Arab sovereignty and religious holiness. The unique nature of Jerusalem calls for just peace and reconciliation among people.

-Laying responsibility on the Israeli government of the human material and spiritual loss and harm it caused to Palestinian people and following them to be subject to legal prosecution at the Higher International Court of Justice.

-Respecting human rights and guaranteeing them to all parties including civil, political, economic, social and educational rights which requires the right of unlimited movement of commodities, transferring and the right in taking care of health, work and religious freedom.

-Insuring International Protection, which can guarantee what we mentioned above especially the sovereignty of the Palestinian State with all its land and rights water and natural resources, the possibility of world trade and the freedom of transportation in their own country including East Arab Jerusalem.

With these demands, a real peace will be realized and based on justice by which the two peoples, Israelis and Palestinians, will live in a secure and prosperous future.