July 6, 2002, 08:40
For immediate release


International Activists at Hospital

[JENIN]  International peace activists with the International Solidarity Movement report that at 4 AM Israeli tanks entered Jenin, occupied houses, and shot throughout the city.  At 6 AM the tanks and soldiers surrounded the Jenin hospital and positioned snipers around the hospital.  Ten tanks, three APCs and a number of jeeps are involved in this operation at the hospital.  The hospital is now effectively closed by the military and a tight curfew is in effect for Jenin.

Seven internationals are trying to escort civilians and provide a presence in each of the wards of the hospital.  At around 6:30 AM this morning Caiomhe Butterly escorted one pregnant woman whose water had already broken and was about to give birth.  On the way into the hospital, one soldier held his rifle to the woman's stomach and threatened to shoot.  Only with the intervention of Caiomhe did the soldiers finally allow the woman entrance to the hospital.

The Israeli soldiers allege there are armed men inside the hospital and have told the director of the hospital that the Israeli forces will remain until the Palestinians turn themselves in.  The director of the hospital denies that any armed men are inside the hospital and has appealed for intervention to lift the siege on the hospital.

For more information in Jenin contact:

Caiomhe Butterly 055-975-374

Rebecca Murray 055-558-954

Tobias Karlsson 067-362-344

For more information on The International Solidarity Movement contact:

Huwaida Arraf     052-642-709 or 067-473-308