Israel Desecrates Holy Shrines
“A message to the International Community”

Recently, a non-precedent crime was committed in the occupied territories of Palestine, the Israeli occupation troops shelled holy shrines for both Moslems and Christians. Such a crime represents the Israeli troops persistence to escalate aggression against the Palestinian citizens. Shelling holy shrines, is a clear massage to the whole world that Israel shall never pay any attention or even hesitate to eliminate the Palestinian citizens for no reason but fighting for their occupied homeland.

The Israeli Occupation forces besieged ALMahed Church and some other chapels and shelled them with tanks. Al Mahed Church caught fire and the priest Jack Al Asaad was murdered, and many priests were wounded. It is worthy mentioning that, inside AlMahed Church there are about 250 Palestinians 40 of them are priests, and still under siege and running out of supplies.

In the Meantime, the Israeli occupation troops attacked and desecrated “Al Nasrah” Mosque, southern of Talkom. They destroyed its pulpit, doors, and cause damage to some copies of the Holy Quran. In addition to that they broke into “Belal Ibn Rabah” Moseque and used grenades.

In addition, the Israeli forces prevented a delegation consisting of church heads and international solidarity groups to enter “Bethlehem”, the Israeli forces claimed that the city is declared a closed military zone.

It is worthy mentioning that the Israeli Troops are proud of committing inhuman crimes against the Palestinian unarmed civilians. Recently they have detained more than 1100 Palestinian citizen, and murdered 7, one of them is a Major in the Palestinian National security forces.

Accordingly, the HRCAP calls on the international community and its governments to take the necessary actions to confront the Israeli aggression and to bear in mind consideration that, keeping silent regarding the Israeli terrorism is considered a participation in these crimes.

The Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners.