International Solidarity Movement - Press Release

[Bethlehem, Saturday March 30, 2002] Approximately one hundred
Internationals who form the International Solidarity Movement
delegation in Palestine, and who came to Palestine to show solidarity with the
Palestinian People, are staying with families in the refugee camps of
Deheisheh, Aida and Azza (Beit Jibrin). The following organizations
are supporting the ISM: the Italian Committee Supporting the Intifada,
Indymedia, Disobbedienti and Action for Peace.

The internationals are from various countries including the United
Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany and Italy.  The
internationals wanted to stay with the Palestinian families in their
homes to protect them from an anticipated Israeli invasion into the
refugee camps in the Bethlehem area.

In addition, there are also internationals accompanying Palestinian
Red Crescent ambulances throughout the region. Again, this action has
been taken in preparation for the expected Israeli military invasion of
the Bethlehem district.

For more information, please call the following numbers:
1- George S. Rishmawi        +972-52-502079
2- George N. Rishmawi        +972-52-299310
3- Ghassan Andoni            +972-52-595319
4- Georgina Reeves           +972-55-840767