International and Israeli Women Are Called to Action
March 2, 2002

International and Israeli women will be going to Nablus on Monday, March 4th to stand against the brutal Israeli invasion of Balata Refugee Camp. Reports from the camp indicate that in addition to the killed and injured, the Israeli Army is carrying out violent house to house searches by breaking down walls, ransacking homes and terrorizing the population. Reports now indicate that food and medicine shortages are worsening and that the camp is in need of humanitarian aid.

An international activist in Nablus on March 1st reports: The carnage in the Balata Camp continues?.Israeli soldiers are tearing through Palestinian homes, breaking through the walls joining the shanty structures of the refugee camps, demolishing and exploding as they raid the refugee camp. Sixteen Palestinians have thus far been killed (between the Jenin and Balata refugee camps) while defending their homes. Hundreds of Palestinian civilians are injured, including a number of women and children. From Nablus, you can see and hear the destruction in the Balata Camp -- smoke rising from the camp, glass breaking, explosions?.

Women activists will attempt to enter the camp and will seek to confront the Israeli soldiers to block them from continuing their pillaging and destruction. International attention must be focused on the violations of international law being committed by the Israeli Army and protection must be provided for the Palestinian people. In this action, international and Israeli women will seek to provide this protection, if only symbolically, to draw the world?s attention to this human tragedy.

For more information or for details on participation, please call Huwaida at 052-642-709. For transportation from inside Israel, please call Liad at 03-681-7312 or 054-467-195.