Recieved on October 2, 2001
Interfaith Peacebuilders Delegation to Palestine and Israel:
October 26-November 9, 2001

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), the largest interfaith pacifist
organization in the United States, is sponsoring regular delegations to
Israel and to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem of
Palestine.  The next Interfaith Peacebuilders delegation is scheduled
for October 26 - November 9, 2001

In the fall of 2000, in response to the ongoing Al Aqsa Intifada or
"uprising", escalating violence, and calls for international observers
in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, the Israeli Committee
Against House Demolitions and the Palestinian Committee for
Rapprochement invited the FOR to send interfaith delegations to the
region.  Delegations learn about Israeli military occupation of the West
Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem and the ongoing Palestinian uprising,
examine the role of the US in the continuing occupation, live in
Palestinian and Israeli homes, and observe the ongoing work of Israeli
and Palestinian peace and human rights activists.  Delegations have also
helped reconstruct Palestinian homes demolished by occupation
authorities, joined in direct actions removing roadblocks closing
Palestinian towns, and participated in marches and vigils.

Delegations are open to people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds,
committed to nonviolence and active listening.  Participants must be
mature, physically healthy, emotionally stable, flexible, respectful and
20 years of age or older. Jews, Muslims, and Arabic or Hebrew speakers
are especially encouraged to apply. Delegations have fifteen people,
experienced co-leaders and accompanying representatives of sponsoring
organizations from the region.

The approximate cost is $1,975 from New York, including airfare,
lodging, breakfasts and dinners.  A deposit of $500 is due with the
application (including a $25 nonrefundable processing fee).  The full
fee is due two weeks before departure.  Participants are expected to
participate in a two day orientation in Nyack, the FOR national
headquarters near New York City.  Applications are being accepted for
the October 2001 and later delegations.

For detailed information and an application form, contact: Fellowship of
Reconciliation, 521 N. Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960.  Phone: (845) 358-4601
x 45. Fax: (845) 358-4924.  Email: