Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 5:36 PM
 Jerusalem Settlement Update Report

The following letter was given to all diplomatic corps in Jerusalem this week during a briefing Mr. Husseini gave to update them with the developments on the ground and on the political level.


To All Diplomatic Corps,

Since the outbreak of the new Palestinian uprising, we, the Palestinian people, have heard clearly the world community openly condemn the violence that is taking place in our streets. The killing of our children by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and the rocketing of our towns and villages has raised the level of bitterness and resentment thus undermining the progress made during the seven years of the Oslo Peace Process.

Why has this occurred and why now? The reason, I believe, is only too clear for despite the condemnation of the international community of Israeli unilateral actions to change the facts on the ground, Israeli settlement construction has continued unabated.

This latest settlement report is one of many that we have issued to you over the past years. Each time we repeat the same message, that Israeli settlement construction undermines stability in the Palestinian Territories and, as a result, in the region at large. Settlement construction must stop, enough is enough.

I trust that you will convey this message to your respective governments.


Faisal Husseini
PLO Executive Committee Member in Charge of Jerusalem Affairs
The Orient House is the official PLO Headquarters in Jerusalem and the Headquarters of the Multilateral Talks