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Press Release
March 1, 2002

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According to the IDF Commander of  forces on the West Bank:
The purpose of these raids - to provoke resistance and kill
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Today at 1.00 PM Israeli time, Brigadier-General Gershon Yitzchak, Commander of Israeli
forces on the West Bank told Israeli radio in so many words said that "the main purpose of
our operation [in the refugee camps] is to kill armed Palestinians who stand up to fight
against us. We have already killed at least twenty."

So the purpose of these raids - to provoke and kill...

Still, we can't believe that Brigadier-General Gershon Yitzchak  is very proud of the
following list of today's casualties, which we received from HearPalestine

    *Mariya Abu Siriya (10 years), Jenin Refugee Camp
     *Khalid Nijm (19 years), Jenin Refugee Camp.
     *Mahmoud al-Azab (33 years), Jenin Refugee Camp
     *Yasser al-Sabagh (19 years), Jenin Refugee Camp
     *Iyad al-Sabagh (11 years), Jenin Refugee Camp
     *Amin Zabaya (17 years), Jenin Refugee Camp
     *Mahmoud Alloush (60 years), Balata Refugee Camp
     *Ibrahim Talalqa (7 years), Beit Hanoun
     *Hakam Abu Eisha (25 years), Nablus

It is hard to believe that all 9, also the 7, 10, 11 and 60 year old were armed fighters.
But when you break through walls and spray with bullets every room before letting
the soldiers enter, this is what you may get in a densely populated area.

In the past days the number of combat soldiers and officers refusing service in the
occupied territories has again risen and stands now at 300.
Tomorrow during daytime, there will be solidarity protests at two military prisoners
where refusers are being jailed.
Tomorrow night peace activists will march in protest in Jerusalem and carry death
notices with the inscription "We mourn the deaths of 1114 Israelis and Palestinians
- Sharon's idea of peace and security" and signs with "Get Out of the Territories."
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