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                    ***P A N E L  D I S C U S S I O N***
                        Wednesday, Jan 9  -  8.30 PM
          Tzavta, Ibn Gvirol 30

                      ISRAEL ON THE WAY TO THE HAGUE

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             War Crimes and Security
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                            SHULAMIT ALONI
                      DR. EYAL GROSS - Law Faculty TAU
                            PROF. ADI OPHIR - Philosophy Dept. TAU
                            DR.YIGAL SHOHAT - Air Force Colonel (Ret.)
                            DOV TAMARI - Brigadier-General (Ret.)
                            [not yet final] - Palestinian representative
                            Moderator - HAIM HANEGBI

Demolition of homes, detention without trial,
deportations, torture, the "liquidation" of those
deemed to be terrorists, shooting a wounded enemy
so as "to confirm his death" - these and other
practices are defined as war crimes by the Geneva
Convention. War crimes are, of course, strictly
forbidden by International Law and also by Israeli law
and the standing orders of the IDF Supreme Command.

May Israeli soldiers, following the orders of the
superiors, end up as defendants in an International
Court - as members of some armed forces and
militias already are?  Are such acts, when perpetrated
by the Israeli army, conductive to the security of
Israel or, on the contrary, severely damaging to the
country's interests?

Following the panel discussion, the floor will be
opened to the audience.

Entrance fee - 15 Shekel (10 Shekel to

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