11/23/00 10:15:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:    pcjp@palnet.com (Palestinian Council for Justice & Peace


GUSH SHALOM welcomes the "Urgent Appeal to the Israeli Public", signed
by Haidar Abd-al-Shafi, Hanan Ashrawi and many other Palestinian personalities
and published in Ha'aretz  (10.11.00). It proves that even in these hard
days, in the middle of the Palestinian war of liberation, you entertain
in your hearts the desire for peace and reconciliation.

GUSH SHALOM believes that close cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians
who desire peace and justice is needed in order to put an end to the occupation
and establish a just peace.

GUSH SHALOM believes, like you, that peace and reconciliation between
the two peoples must be based on the principles of equality and mutual
respect, namely -

1. The termination of the occupation in all the territories conquered
by Israel in the 1967 war,

2. The establishment of the State of Palestine in all these territories,

3. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the two states - West
Jerusalem the capital of Israel and East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

4. The withdrawal of all the settlers and soldiers from these territories
to the State of Israel.

5.  A just, moral, practical and agreed solution of the refugee problem,
including the recognition by Israel of its great responsibility for the
creation of this problem and the principle of the right of the refugees
to choose between return to the homeland and compensation.

GUSH SHALOM proposes the creation of a joint framework for dialogue between
peace-loving Israeli and Palestinian citizens, in order to prepare together
the basis of peace and reconciliation.

      (The Israeli Peace Bloc)

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