Rabbis against Zionism
Date: 12/16/00
From:    davic@pop.erols.com (David Goldman)

The words of the saintly Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, author of the VAYOEL
MOSHE (in Hebrew, written in 1958)  ring clearly when we view events
in the Middle East:

"...if we place all the immodesty and promiscuity of the generation
and the many sins of the world on one side of the scale, and the
Zionist state on the other side of the scale by itself, it would
outweigh them all. Zionism is the greatest form of spiritual impurity
in the entire world. They are polluting the entire world. They have
polluted the Jewish people with their heresy, Heaven help us.
It is no surprise why G-d's anger comes down from heaven. It is
necessary to repent and escape from them more than from a lion who is
chasing a person to kill him."

"It has been explained that before the coming of the Messiah this
regime will come to an end, as Messiah cannot come any other way,
since the Zionist state holds up the redemption of the world. We need
G-d's mercies that divine intervention should bring about the end of
the state. May G-d have mercy on us all."


"It is clear that anyone who believes in G-d has no doubt that they
are from the source of the accursed  impurity of heresy, Heaven help
us. It is horrible that such a thing arose in our day, and how can we
be silent when we see such violations of our faith and the principles
of our entire Torah? Especially since so many of our religious
brethren fail to speak out about the truth! In such circumstances, the
entire truth could be forgotten, G-d forbid."

"Everything our blessed rabbis cried out about earlier in the century
about the dangers of Zionism has almost been forgotten! Even my own
OUR RELIGION BE FORGOTTEN?  It is impossible to describe to what
extent the world has become sunken in such a falsehood which is
destroying the entire Torah. Therefore we are obliged to cry out
before anyone against the deep impurity which has spread out in our
generation. Let us hope there are increasing numbers who open up their
eyes and the teachings of our forefathers should reach their ears to
seek truth and faith. Without this, there is no hope...."

David Goldman