March 15, 2002

We the undersigned, Palestinians, Israelis and Jews living in Britain,
deplore the massive Israeli attacks this week on Palestinian towns, cities
and refugee camps: the destruction of property, harassment, and terrible
injury and loss of life. We are shocked by images of large numbers of
blindfolded prisoners with numbers written on their arms. The hatred that
these humiliations engender make a future peace all the more difficult to

 We deeply regret the appalling ongoing loss of human life, grave suffering,
and disregard of human rights that stem from the Israeli occupation of the
West Bank and Gaza Strip. This occupation is undermining the soul and moral
compass of both peoples. We abhor the targeting of innocent civilians by
both sides. We believe the time is right for a joint movement to end the
occupation and to assert our common humanity.

 We very much welcomed the initiative earlier this year of many Israeli and
Palestinian intellectuals, politicians, activists and ordinary citizens to
launch a joint Israeli-Palestinian Coalition for Peace. The current Israeli
incursions are in part designed to undermine the very Palestinian
institutions and individuals most identified with this movement and its
aims, and to make contact between the two sides of the coalition almost

 At this time we who can still have contact are proud to affirm our support
for the coalition as the Friends of the Israeli-Palestinian Coalition for
Peace (UK). We call on Palestinians, Israelis, Jews and others living in
this country to join us in campaigning for an end to the occupation and for
a future in which an Israeli and a Palestinian state can stand side by side
and co-operate for the benefit of all peoples of the region, so that all our
children can grow up free of hatred and fear.

 If you would like further information write to PO Box 32685 London W14 8WT
or e-mail

Ahlam Akram
Tirza Waisel
Iyad Barakat
Vivien Lichtenstein
Saida Nusseibeh
Mardy Griffith
Basim Jamal
Martine and Peter Halban
Rima Habasch
Ruth Selwyn
Nawaf Tamimi
Moris Farhi
Ina'am Atalla
Judith Elkan
Nehad Ismail
Paul Morrison
Samir El-youssef
Keren Lewin
Lawrence Joffe
Pauline Levis
Matthew Reisz
Michael Safier
Irris Singer
Beverley Cohen

From Switzerland:

 It has been published in a number of
newspapers in Switzerland.


Deeply disturbed by the violence raging in the Middle East, we Swiss or
Swiss residents, of Jewish or Arab extraction,  resolutely condemn the
spiral of increasing violence whose logical consequences for the Israeli and
Palestinian peoples are suicidal.

We condemn the very principle of settlements and even more so their
expansion. We similarly condemn the collective reprisal measures undertaken
by the Israeli army, such as the dynamiting of houses, as well as the
determination of the Sharon government to destroy the Palestinian Authority
with a view to denying the right of the Palestinians to self-determination.

We condemn in equal measure the attacks perpetrated on the Israeli civilian
population. We also condemn all those who refuse a negotiated settlement and
who, by a strategy of violence, endeavour to prevent a peaceful resolution
of the conflict.

We reject fundamentalist, nationalist, or religious ambitions, of whatever
provenance, aimed at denying the reality of Israeli and Palestinian
nationhood. We demand the withdrawal of Israeli forces, within the framework
of a comprehensive agreement, from all the occupied territories, including
East Jerusalem. We consider that in these troubled times it is necessary to
reaffirm the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state alongside an Israeli
state within secure borders recognized by its neighbours.

We, Swiss or Swiss residents, of Jewish and Arab extraction, reaffirm that
only a political solution can resolve the conflict, and reject the deadly
escalation of violence intended to achieve a state of conflict that is

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From France

Call for support for the Israeli/Palestinian coalition for Peace.
Translation from French
On La Paix Maintenant web-site

Peace is difficult because it must be made with those who threaten and kill
our loved ones. Peace is difficult because it presupposes the hope of one
being able to trust the other. Peace is more difficult that pressing
towards more provocations, premeditated terrorist acts and their inevitable
reprisals because peace calls upon reason rather than emotion.

Today the voices of emotion are deafening and reason, from both the Israeli
and Palestinian side, can hardly be heard.

Yet, goodwill and courageous initiatives have continued to come forward
during the most difficult period of the most recent Israeli/Palestinian
crisis. Today, when everything seems stuck, when stubbornness and
powerlessness are entrenched in both camps, these initiatives gain more and
more strength.

An Israeli/Palestinian coalition for peace has been created. It gathers
together political forces, at the forefront of which is the Shalom Ah'shav
movement, as well as intellectuals and Israeli and Palestinian politicians.
It proposes a solution to the conflict based on two states and condemns
terrorism and continuing occupation.

We call for support of this initiative which is the only one able to give
both populations renewed hope and confidence in each other. In contrast to
those who attribute blame to one side only, we owe it to ourselves to uphold
the bilateral actions.

We know the only way out of the conflict to be political, not military, to
come from a return to the principles and terms spelled out at Camp David and
Taba, a continuation of the Oslo Agreement. The myths and false hopes of
sides must give way:
 · There will be an independent Palestinian State and a solution to the 1948
refugee problem will be found which will not endanger the Jewish nature of
the State of Israel.
· Jerusalem, where both Israeli and Palestinian states will build their
capitals and their respective futures, will once again become a symbol of
· The principle of a return to the 1967 borders will be established in the
context of mutual border adjustment and the evacuation of nearly all the
Israeli settlements.

As everyone knows, this is the price of peace and hope for a future
reconciliation. Too much time has already been lost. Martyrs are useless and
each day brings new victims. Let us actively support the drive for peace in
both camps from those who fight courageously so that these principles may
become reality as soon as possible