Jerusalem - going out of the policy of the Occupational Authorities in
concentrating upon the uprooting of the Palestinian Journalists and the
assaults on the their Press Associations, the Occupational forces committed
yesterday and the day before yesterday a new crime against the Palestinian
Press, when they forwarded the fire of their heavy fire guns from its
locations in “Pisgout” settlement towards the building of the new life in
the city of Al-Bireh, which have led consequently to causing material
injuries in the newspaper and the penetration of the their bullets through
its windows and walls, thus exposing the life of the Journalists and
Co-workers in the building to danger.

The Syndicate of the Palestinian Journalists, looking at this deed, as an
extremely a dangerous step of this Israeli escalation towards the Palestinian
Press fixed under a programmed policy, which led up till now to the injury
and hits of more than 40 Palestinian and Foreign Journalists, and causing
destruction to many of the Press properties and Palestinian Mass Media,
appeals to the International Community and the International Journalists
Union, as well as the Arab Journalists Union and all International
Associations which deal and are interested in dealing with Human Rights; it
calls and appeals that these mentioned authorities interfere immediately, to
practice their pressures on the Israeli Government to put an end to such an
uprooting policy, which contradicts the simplest rules of Human Rights and
the International Rules which guarantee the Freedom of Press, and not to
interfere in Journalists Affairs in any case whatsoever.

The Journalists Syndicate, considering all true people in the world as
standing by their responsibilities, calls upon all international and Arab
human and journalists associations, to reject and deny these criminal acts,
and to take immediate measures to save actual protection to the Palestinian
Journalists and their Mass Media Associations.

Council of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate

Jerusalem, 08.02.2001