Received Decmeber 13th 2000

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

 United States Secto0n
Statement on the Situation in Palestine/Israel
December, 2000

1)  We, the United States Members of the Women's International League for
Peace and Freedom mourn every death that has resulted from the recent violence in the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2) We condemn the use of all deadly force. Only justice on the ground and
negotiation will bring peace. Repression and aggression through the use of arms will only
bring on war. "The only alternative to coexistence is codestruction" (Jawaharlal
Nehru, 8/29/1954).

3) The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has for years
called on Israel and the international community to take the necessary steps for the
Palestinians to establish their own independent state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, within
the pre-1967 borders, and with East Jerusalem as its capital alongside the state of

We hope that the two states will live in peace as good neighbors, with each
other and with all other states in the region.

4) We affirm that nonviolence and negotiated solutions are the only way for
all parties t0 move forward. Creative peacemaking methods and peace centers exist in the
cultures of both peoples. (1)  These methods of conflict resolution must be implemented
for all parties to recognize the humanity of the other.

5) We reaffirm the legitimacy of international laws.

   We specifically call for:

   An immediate end to all violent acts and human rights violations such as
the incarceration, expulsion, beating, torturing, shooting, and killing of Palestinian
civilians by the Israeli Defense Forces and the settlers' militia. We recognize the Palestinians' right of
resistance to the ongoing oppressive and military occupation, but call upon them, as a
matter of urgency, to return to the negotiating table.

The right of return for Palestinian refugees; and for implementation of UN
Resolution #194 of December, 1948, passed 52 years ago affirming the right of return for
Palestinian refugees and the right to compensation for their losses.

An international inquiry into what inflamed this present eruption of
violence as part of the process of truth, forgiveness and reconciliation.

New peace negotiations on the basis of all relevant UN resolutions. We
urge Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace negotiations based on equity in a
multilateral setting, to work towards just and long term solutions that would bring an
enduring peace to the region.

The participation of Israeli and Palestinian women at the negotiation

6) We urge the United Nations to give immediate protection to the Palestinian
people and medical assistance to the more than 9,000 injured.

7) We urge the United States to use its leverage to prevail upon Israel to
de-escalate the violence and stop the siege. We also urge the United States to end arms sales
and transfers to all parties in the region.

8) We acknowledge and support the efforts of the Israeli peace movement; we
support the efforts of individuals and groups on both sides that work towards nonviolent
resolution. We feel a special solidarity with women in the peace movement in Israel and
Palestine, and we desire increased communication and to be of assistance in whatever ways
they request.

9) Our long term vision is a demilitarized Middle East in which all citizens
of every country can live and prosper in peace and cooperation, feeling safe and being free.


(1)Peacemaking and conflict resolution organizations in the region:

"Sulha" Palestinian traditional peacemaking process by Elias Jabour (Arab
Israeli method).

International Peace Center for reconciliation and peace activities. Director,
Elias Jabour,

PO Box 272, Shafa'amr 20200. Tel. 04-986 8558.

School of Peace in the village of Neve Shalom/Whahat el Salaam, a community of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel. DN Shimson 99761. Tel. 02-991-2222.

Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence. Director, Sami Awad, Abu
Obeida Street, Nuzha Building, 3rd floor, East Jerusalem. Tel. 02-627-3275.