Catholic World News Headlines
Date: 3/27/2003 2:34:04 PM Pacific Standard Time


A Catholic bishop was among a group arrested near the White House on Wednesday as they protested the war in Iraq. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, auxiliary bishop of Detroit, was arrested along with two Nobel Peace Prize winners and more than 60 others after they refused to leave Lafayette Park.

The group sat in a circle in the park, chanting "Peace, shalom." One leader of the protest said she planned to protest each day outside the White House until April 18, Good Friday.

A spokesman for the US Parks Police said nine people had been arrested for crossing a police line opposite the White House and that the rest were held for protesting without a permit. "We expect them all to be released within a couple of hours," he said.

Bishop Gumbleton is well known for his support of numerous causes, including gay rights and protests of UN sanctions on Iraq after the 1991 Gulf War. Gumbleton claims the sanctions hurt civilians who are denied access to food and medicine, although critics blame Saddam Hussein for diverting funds from the UN's Oil for Food program to illicit weapons production and the building of dozens of palaces.