CMEP to Bush on U.S. Embassy

June 24, 2002

To:        Churches for Middle East Peace's E-mail Network
From:    Corinne Whitlatch
Re:        CMEP Letter to Bush on Postponing Jerusalem Embassy Move

FYI - On June 14, President Bush dealt with the legislated requirement to start building a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem by invoking a national security waiver, following the practice of his predecessor President Clinton.  The following letter to the President from CMEP was delivered to other key people in the Administration as CMEP seeks to embolden the Administration to resist Congressional pressure.

CMEP is waiting for and preparing for the President's speech.  We anticipate a flurry of objection from Congress and hard-line pro-Israel supporters to any demands he might make of Israel or concessions he might make to Palestinians.  Following his speech, CMEP will issue a press release and media advisory that provides print and broadcast journalists with a list of commentators from CMEP staff, board and colleagues.  CMEP will likely send a letter to each member of Congress and be back in touch with the E-mail network.

(letter printed on CMEP letterhead)

June 21, 2002

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

Churches for Middle East Peace thanks you for invoking a national security waiver to postpone the Congressionally-mandated building of an American embassy in Jerusalem and moving the embassy from Tel Aviv. Your decision was prudent and consistent with the important role of the United States government in the international effort to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Even in these dark days when Jerusalem is racked by violence, the vision persists that it can fulfill its vocation as a sign of peace and symbol of reconciliation for all humankind.

As Christians committed to working for peace, we support a negotiated solution for Jerusalem that respects the human and political rights of both Palestinians and Israelis, as well as the rights of the three religious communities.  Jerusalem should be shared by all - two peoples and three religions.

Again, we thank you for this action and your regard for the profound political and religious importance of Jerusalem.


Corinne Whitlatch