A communiqui by the Christian National institutions in Palestine and the Holy Lands

Our people are united in the struggle against the terror of Sharon
March 31, 2002

In light of the continued Israeli aggression on our Palestinian people, our
leadership and our Palestinian National Authority, we the representatives of
the Palestinian national religious institutions reiterate that our
Palestinian Arab people stand today, as it always did throughout our
struggle, united against the bloody terror practiced by the Sharon
Government. We are determined to continue our struggle until the
establishment of our independent Palestinian State with holy Jerusalem as
its capital and right of return of all refugees. We also reiterate the
strong brotherly unity between Muslims and Christians in confronting the
occupation out of our common historical presence on this Holy Land.

We reiterate our strongest condemnation to all the lies and allegations of
the Israeli officials about Christians being oppressed by the PNA.
Therefore, we declare our absolute rejection to all those lies, which
express the continued intent of Israeli officials to export their crisis
with the international public opinion due to their ugliest practices against
religious liberties by preventing our people, Muslim or Christian, from
participating in the religious rituals and barring the historical leader of
our people from participating in Christmas celebrations.

We reiterate to the whole world that we Palestinians, Christians on this
Holy Land as part of the national mosaic, suffer the worst kinds of terror
by the Israeli occupation against our people and our holy places. We also
reiterate that who practices terror against our people and its Christian and
Islamic holy places is the occupation army and the occupation policies,
since the first days of 1948, by expelling and repressing a number of
Christian and Muslim religious leaders; Iqra and Kufor Borm Christian
villages are the best examples of this terror.

The Israeli failed attempts, which persist, to Judiaze our holy places and
to intervene in the religious affairs of our churches did not stop since
1948. These practices which unveil the political bankruptcy of the Israeli
government will fail in front of the unity of our people, its adherence
behind his political leadership and his unquestionable leader Yasser Arafat.

We, on behalf of all Christians of the Holy Land and the Levant implore the
international community, the government of the United States and the
governments of Europe, China and Russia to immediately intervene to make
possible for President Arafat and all believers to participate in Eastern
Christmas mass.


Dr. Ghazi Hanania, PLC Deputy Chairman
Nabil Qsais, Minister of Bethlehem 2000
Dr. Milanos Basla, Spiritual Leader of Ramallah
Mitry Abu Atiya, Minster of Tourism
Issam AL Rafaidy, Siriya Ramallah
Dr. Emeel Jarjoui, EC member
Marwan Tobasi, Orthodox Club
Ayyoub Rabah, Mayor of Ramallah
Fr. Ibrahim Hijazeene, The Church of the Holy Family
Hanna Nasser, Mayor of Bethlehem
Fr. Nazih AL Hayek, Roman Catholic Church
Foud Kokalia, Mayor of Beit Sahour
Mar Indraus Anglican Church
Foud Taye, Mayor of Tiba
Salem Hanania, President of Roman Orthodox Committee
Anton Sad, Mayor of Birzeit
Fr. Issa Khouri, Greek Orthodox
Elyas Azer, Aboud Village council
Latin Community, Birzeit
Raji Zaidan, Mayor of Beit Jala
Khader AL Shamali, Jifna village council
Bishara Daoud, PLC member
Fr. Androus AL Rafeedy, Greek Orthodox
FR. Jack Ayed, Greek Catholic Church
Latin Monastery, Jifna
FR. Ibrahim Shomali, Latin Community
Salwa Haninia, YWCA
Fr. Tawfique Nasser, Greek Orthodox Church
Zahwa Khouri, Arab Women Union
Fr. Aziz Halawa, Latin Community
Badia Khalaf, Women Development
Fr. Abdullah Samreen, Greek Orthodox
Mar Mansour Beneficial Association
Latin Scouts, Aboud
Nijma Ghanem, Sons of Ramallah Union
Hanna Khouri, Committee of Church affairs