Archbishop of Canterbury statement following meeting with Yasser Arafat
October 16, 2001

Following his meeting with the Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, said:

"I am pleased to have had the opportunity to resume my dialogue with Chairman Arafat. It has been a most useful and worthwhile discussion.

"We have met on a number of previous occasions. Most recently, during my pastoral visit to the Anglican diocese of Jerusalem less than three months ago, when I also had the opportunity to talk with the Prime Minister of Israel.

"As I said on that visit - peace with justice and security for all in the Holy Land is a prize the whole world both craves and needs. It is something in which all communities must share and about which they must all feel confident.

"I hope and pray, that as we seek to bring forth good from the evil of September 11, this great prize-peace with justice and security-may be brought finally within our grasp.

"That is certainly what we as Christians desire with all our hearts-both here and among the Christian communities in the region, who are no strangers themselves to hardship and suffering.

"As a religious leader, I have seen enough of the ways in which Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities in the Holy Land can work together to combat poverty and need, to know that where hope is planted great things can grow.

"I remain ready to do all I can to help bring forth new hope, new growth."