Assault of Birzeit University Student
From: Beth Muldrew <>
To: '' <>
Date: Monday, January 14, 2002 8:17 AM

On Friday 11th December at 3.30pm, Birzeit University student Mutaz Khudair was
seriously assaulted by 3 Israeli soldiers at the Surda Checkpoint outside Ramallah.
He was asked for his ID and when he asked for it back saying he was in a hurry, he
was set upon by the soldiers who beat him repeatedly over the head with their M16
guns.  He was pulled from the soldiers by several witnesses.

He lost consciousness and awoke in the Ramallah Hospital with serious head wounds.
He has blood on the brain and is having difficulty walking due to problems with his

We hope to help Mutaz press charges against his attackers and may ask for your support
for him to see justice.