JERUSALEM, Oct 22, 01 ( - The Christian leaders
of Jerusalem have organized a "Solidarity Convoy" to visit
Bethlehem and the surrounding Palestinian villages that
have been occupied by Israeli troops.

The "Solidarity Convoy" will attempt to cross through an
Israeli checkpoint on Tuesday morning, and enter Bethlehem
to pray in Nativity Square and to offer condolences to
families that have suffered losses during the latest round
of violence. The convoy will then proceed to the
neighboring village of Beit Jala.

The Solidarity Convoy, sponsored by the Patriarchs and
other heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem, has several
announced goals. Organizers said they hoped not only to show
solidarity with the Palestinian peoples in the region, but
also to press "Israelis and Palestinians to return soon to
the negotiating table," and to encourage international
pressure toward the same end.