Common Statement with the Archbishop of Athens about the situation in the Holy Land
Jerusalem, 11 April 2002

On the occasion of his visit to the Holy Land with his retinue. His Beatitude Christodoulos, the Archbishop of Greece met, on the 11 of April 2002 and in the presence of H.E. the Greek Consul General in Jerusalem, in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem, with His Beatitude Irineos, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Tourkorn Manogian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Very Rev.d Father Giovanni Battistelli, O.F.M., Gustos of the Holy Land.

These very high ecclesiastical dignitaries exchanged opinions on the current situation in the Holy Land, and expressed their deep concern and anguish over the prolongation of the ongoing conflict which resulted with an unprecedented loss of human lives and destruction.

They concluded, out of their deep sense of responsibility, by addressing an urgent appeal to the political leaders of the two parties, assisted by the International Community, for the cessation by all means of every kind of violence and hostility, for the restart of negotiations towards the achievement of a final, just and lasting solution of the conflict, which would guarantee between other things:

1. The peaceful and harmonious coexistence of the two peoples in conflict and of all the inhabitants of the Holy Land.

2. The protection of the Holy Places of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

3. The respect of the Status Quo of the Holy Places and the Christian Communities.

Jerusalem, 11 April 2002.