An immediate urgent appeal
Bethlehem, 5 April 2002

The Arab Educational Institute (AEI) appeals to you, our brothers and sisters in Pax Christi all over the world, to interfere and put pressure on the US and European governments to end the Israeli siege of the people who sought asylum and safety in our sacred shrine, the Church of the Nativity.

Please save the lives of the children, the wounded, the elderly and all the humans who are there, and find a just solution for their continuous humiliation, suffering, lack of medical services, shortage of food, atmosphere of fear, shelling, seclusion and distance from their families.

Those Palestinians in the Church of the Nativity, together with their countrymen and countrywomen in the occupied territories, need your powerful prayers and your immediate action to lift the siege and to withdraw the Israeli occupation forces.

God will remember you for all your efforts in assisting those in captivity.

“Blessedness for those who are peacemakers because they will inherit the Kingdom of God.”