Statement from the Nationalist and Islamic forces
Rally in New York City

With immense pride, the coalition of Nationalist and Islamic Forces in
Palestine extend to you, our Palestinian family and community of supporters
in the United States, greetings of steadfast and resistance as you once
again stubbornly declare through the march and rally of today, in unison
with our heroic Intifada and people in all countries of exile, our
collective and individual insistence on our right to return to our beloved

As we salute your resilience in safeguarding our national identity despite
distance, maintaining our collective and continuous sense of history in
spite of all odds, and forging forward our inevitable and inalienable right
to return - the very essence and core of the Palestinian movement for
liberation - we express our gratitude to the members of the solidarity and
peace and justice community as they shoulder the difficult tasks of righting
the ongoing wrongs inflicted upon our heroic people, and we ask you, our
principled friends, to multiply and increase your efforts to affect a
qualitative change in the policies of the US administration.

As Israel continues its illegal wholesale campaign of terror against our
people, through its closure policies that amounts to forced starvation, land
theft, political assassinations, home demolitions, and collective
punishment, we declare through you, our family in exile, that the Intifada
will march on and will challenge all adversaries until the realization of
our full national rights, paramount of which is the right to return.
And as we call on our people everywhere to extend all support possible to
our heroic uprising, in all possible means, we stand in total condemnation
of the policies of the United States as it places itself squarely in the
Israeli camp by providing it with international legitimacy and cover, as
expressed in its most recent veto against an unarmed UN protection force,
and its continued supply of arms and weapons that are used daily to kill our
children and dismember our land.

As we clearly distinguish between the adversarial policies of the United
States and that of the interest of the people, the time has come for the US
to take justice as its course of action by clearly and unequivocally
supporting our struggle for freedom and independence.  It is time to end all
American support for the Israeli killing machine.

Indeed, the might of the Israeli tank backed by the policies of the US will
pale and inevitably diminish before the magnificence and steadfast of our
children and the extending and far-reaching roots of our elderly.

Brothers and sisters, our beloved people in exile,

Our collective and individual right to return, constitutes the very essence
of our existence, hence, it is a non-negotiable historic right entrusted to
us by those who passed and by those to come.  And it is a right that has
been enshrined by international law and granted and secured by all
conventions and charters aimed at protecting the national identity and
individual liberty of people - Never will we compromise on return, never on
our identity, and never on our collective and unified history and

Glory to our heroic martyrs
Speedy recovery to our injured
And Long Live the Intifada

The Nationalist and Islamic Forces in Palestine
April 5, 2001