Israel/Occupied Territories/Palestinian Authority
August 1, 2002

Such an investigation is all the more important in view of
Israel's continuing failure to carry out proper investigations
into allegations of human rights violations as required by
international law

The report released today, which is a compilation of reports
from various sources, sets out the chronology of events in Jenin
and other cities.
Among the serious human rights concerns highlighted in the
report and shared by Amnesty International are the blocking of
medical aid for 11 days in Jenin and the destruction of homes in

However, inevitably the report falls short of a comprehensive
inquiry. Amnesty International regrets that the Israeli
Government has impeded the search for truth and justice. It
failed to provide information to the UN Secretary-General for
his report and in April rejected the deployment of a
fact-finding mission established by the Secretary-General,
composed of distinguished international experts, and included
military, police and forensic advisers.

Amnesty International is dismayed at the continuing failure of
all sides to take all necessary measures to protect civilians.
The unlawful killing of Palestinians, collective punishments,
including closures and curfews, destruction of homes and
threatened expulsions by Israel, and the targetted attacks on
Israeli civilians by members of armed Palestinian groups must
come to an end.

"For Israelis, Palestinians and the international community, the
lesson of Jenin, Gaza, and the ongoing bomb attacks on
civilians, is that until the cycle of revenge and reprisal is
broken, human rights abuses will only be met with more human
rights abuses.

"Amnesty International reiterates its call for international
monitors with a strong human rights mandate to be deployed as a
matter of urgency. There will be no peace and security until
human rights are respected and there is truth, justice and
redress for the victims," Amnesty International said, "the
fundamental importance of a full investigation to uncover the
truth cannot be overestimated. "

Amnesty International delegates gained access to Jenin on 17
April and has carried out a series of fact-finding missions in
Jenin, Nablus and other cities. Among the serious concerns
identified as requiring thorough and impartial expert
investigation are war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Amnesty International has raised concerns about the blocking of
medical and humanitarian assistance and direct attacks on
medical and humanitarian workers, the use of "human shields",
unlawful killings, and wanton destruction of homes, arbitrary
and administrative detention and torture and ill-treatment, by
Israel, as well as targeted attacks on Israeli civilians carried
out by armed Palestinian groups.

Source: Amnesty International, International Secretariat, 1
Easton Street, WC1X 8DJ, London, United Kingdom
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