Israel/Occupied Territories: International Days of Mourning
26 April 2002

On 27 and 28 April, Amnesty International members around the world will be joining in solidarity people in Israel and the Occupied Territories to mourn all victims of the human rights abuses committed in the region since the start of the second Intifada and to demand justice and respect for human rights.
Israel must not be allowed to upset the Jenin investigation
25 April 2002
Nor are Israeli objections to the make-up of the panel of any substance. Of course, an inquiry such as this needs to take into account the views of military men who understand the fine line between heavy-handed counter-insurgency and indiscriminate firing at civilians. But to suggest that figures such as Sadako Ogata, the former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and Cornelio Sommaruga, of the Red Cross, are too sympathetic to the plight of civilians underlines the weakness of the Israeli case.
Nurse shot through heart and man in wheelchair among Jenin dead
By Phil Reeves and Justin Huggler in Jerusalem and David Usborne in New York
25 April 2002
Israel's army says most those killed in Jenin were fighters and that it did everything possible to protect civilians. But The Independent has found that nearly half of the 50 dead identified so far were civilians, including women, the elderly, and children.
They include a nurse in uniform who was shot in the heart as she tried to help a wounded civilian, a 14-year-old boy killed when he tried to buy groceries when a curfew was lifted, and a man in a wheelchair who was shot as he tried to wheel himself up the street and then crushed under a tank.
himself up the street and then crushed under a tank.
Once upon a time in Jenin
25 April 2002
What really happened when Israeli forces went into Jenin? Just as the world is giving up hope of learning the truth, Justin Huggler and Phil Reeves have unearthed compelling evidence of an atrocity