December 1, 2000


E M E R G E N C Y   A C T I O N   A P P E A L:

International  human  rights  monitors  needed to  protect lives  in  Israel  and  the Occupied Territories
Since late September, renewed violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories, including areas under
the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, has led to widespread human rights violations.

     *  More than 280 people have been killed, many of whom were children.

     *   The majority of the deaths have been Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces. Amnesty
          International has expressed concern that many of these deaths have occurred because security
          forces have resorted to lethal force in circumstances in which lives were not in imminent danger.

     *   Amnesty has also spoken out and condemned the killings of a number of Jews in bombing attacks
         on civilian targets, such as a school bus and a market in Jerusalem.

     *  There are numerous reports of beatings and ill-treatment by Israeli police.

     *  Amnesty has called for investigations into all allegations of human rights abuse and has
         highlighted the importance of ensuring that those responsible be brought to justice.

Increasingly Amnesty International is convinced that there is an important international role to be
played in protecting human rights in the area. We have strongly endorsed the recommendation made
by Mary Robinson, the United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, for international human
rights monitors in the region.

In an open letter to the UN Security Council on November 24, Amnesty International urged the
creation of "an international human rights monitoring presence to provide accurate, unbiased reporting
by impartial witnesses on the observance of human rights and humanitarian law by all sides."

An effective and independent international human rights presence in Israel and the Occupied Territories,
including areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority will help to bring the violence committed
by both sides to the current conflict to an end, avoid new provocative actions and promote the
prospects for peace.

Canada is coming to the end of a two year term as member of the Security Council. Until December
31, 2000 Canada can play an important role in encouraging the Security Council to establish an
international human rights monitoring presence.


Send a message to the Prime Minister of Canada. Tell him that as he begins his third term of government you want Canada to take a strong stand for human rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories, including the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Urge him to take advantage of Canada's final month on the Security Council. Tell him that you want
Canada to support the creation of an international human rights monitoring presence in the region.

Write to:
     The Right Honourable Jean Chretien
     House of Commons
     Parliament Buildings
     Ottawa, Ontario
     K1A 0A6
     FAX: (613) 941-6900

Please note that faxes and letters sent by express mail may have a greater impact than emails alone. If you send an email message, please try to send a copy of your message by fax or express mail as well. And in your email message, please be sure to fill out the subject line with a concise statement such as:
"I support international monitors in Israel and the Occupied Territories."

If you have any questions concerning this action, please contact:

     Keith Rimstad                                                       Marilyn McKim and Patricia Diaz
     Amnesty International Canada                               Urgent Action Coordinators
     613.744.7667                                                       Amnesty International                                           56 Temperance Street, 8th floor
                                                                                  Toronto ON M5H 3V5
                                                                                  Phone: (416) 363-9933 ext 25
                                                                                  Fax:      (416) 363-3103
End of report.
Canadian Arab
Students' Association