Report from 12 year old boy in Beit Sahour

Recieved on the following date
Date: 10/20/2001 2:49:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
But spoeaks about Novemebr 3, 2000
Dear Friends:  The director of our Methodist  nursery (where the mother
of this boy works) wrote this report of his experience on November 3. Shifa (or
Hana) translated it, but it is difficult for them to write in English,
although she speaks excellent English. I thought you would like to read

Also, I received a call from Elias Rishmawi from Beit Sahour (a
wonderful, courageous Christian who was imprisoned three times for his
work with the tax revolt) this afternoon. I asked how they were doing under this seige, and he said
that they are very scared. They have no place to go, don't know what to
expect (people are shot in their homes by Israeli snipers). He said that
for the first time in all these years he is very worried about the
welfare and future of his family—and they are a wonderful family!

Please send emails to President Bush. The telephone line is closed for
the weekend! Bonnie.

You may be know his parent ... his father work with dr.Majed and his mother in the our nursary .he
wrote it in arabic and some one translate it and he asked me to sent it to
you...i hope you wil like it.
While my mother was lying down on the sofa on November the 3 rd 2000 and I
was watching the T V a flight of gunshot  bullets and the sounds of bomb
explosions were heared around us.It was around 5:30 p.m
My mother rushed into my room and escorts me to the kitchen looking for
shelter where we sat at the corner for protection Mean while ,our
neighbors wrere screeming and shouting frome fear and yelling at us questioning
about our safty .My Ma used to reply in a positive way .
WE relieved when we saw my DAd coming and looking for us .THen with the
help of our neighbors he took down the window,s iron shield,frome where we
all ,finally got out .
That night my family and me had to stay at one of my Dads friend .In the
morning we  all reterned to our home and with astonishment .we saw a lot
of people looking at our house in big surprise while others were counting
the amount of damages caused the house .
I rushed into the house and ran to my bedroom to discover that one of
55-mm bullet had hit my pillow .I kneeled immediatly and prayed to the Lord
for my safety of all our people
                             RIMAH MOHAMMAD RASHID