The whole World asks for a just and equitable solution for Jerusalem, as well for Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan... the pope asks the international community to help in working for Justice and peace
Messages of Christmas and Easter Signed by: Stephanos Ghattas 1, Patriarch of Alexandria of Catholic Copts, Maximos V Hakim, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem, Mar Ignace Antoine II Hayek, Antiochian Patriarch of the Syrian Catholics, Mar Nasrallah-Pierre Sfeir, Patriarch of Maronite Antioch and all the East, Mar Raphail 1st Bidawid, Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Jean-Pierre XVIII Kasparian, Patrirach of the Armenian Catholics, Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Statement of the Peaceful walk in Jerusalem a study

  • by Rev. Labib Kobti
    How to understand the Statement of the Patriarchs, bishops and the People of Jerusalem, and see the real will of those who write it for peace and Justice in the Holy Land.
  • Interreligious Dialogue Message on Jerusalem: City of Peace?
  • Patriarchs and Head of Christian Communities in Jerusalem Christmas Message 1996

  • The Patriarchs and head of Christian Communities in Jerusalem sent their Christmas Greeting and message to the whole word. In their message they speak about the suffering of the Palestinians and call every one of us to pray and take a concrete stand for Justice and Peace.
  • Palestine and Jerusalem 

  • From the Counsel of the Catholic Patriarchs of Orient General Secretary Delivered on October 18, 1996 translated in English by Rev. Labib Kobti. The Council of the Catholic Patriarchs of Orient warns Israel that the "security mesures imposed by the Israelis may lead to violence, and poses a continuous threat to needed security... They appeal to the local and international authorities to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian People".
    Christian Stand on Al-Aksa INTIFADA