Granddaughter fasts during Ramadan; Grandmother recounts Nakba

Posted on May 23, 2019

Lena Abdelhamid writes:

If you celebrate Ramadan, I’m sure you’re counting the days along with me. Being in the heart of the month, I’m starting to overcome my longing for coffee and beginning to enjoy the real treasure of Ramadan: moments of reflection.

This year, I commemorated Nakba Day through the lens of my fasting. I went through photos of my family and my friends’ families and took time to absorb their stories and to internalize their—our—loss that has become decades of continued suffering. 71 years ago, more than 750,000 Palestinians were displaced and 400 villages destroyed. The depth of the tragedy of the ongoing Nakba was illustrated to me in ways I’m not used to hearing.

When my teta (grandmother) recounts the Nakba, I see melancholy wash over her face as it hardens and her eyes become pensive. She tells me how, in 1948, bombs rained down from the sky just as her family was preparing to break their fast during Ramadan—at the height of summer.

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