Good News about Solar Lights for Children in Gaza

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Following up on the appeal made by Msgr Labib Kobti, Brighten the Future for Gaza’s Children, Donna Baranski-Walker of Rebuilding Alliance writes…

Donna Baranski-Walker, Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance

Donna Baranski-Walker, Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance

February 19: Lights, solar-power, action! After much hard work, and lots of generous support and encouragement, we are proud to announce that we have made a major breakthrough in our “Brighten the Future of Gaza’s Children” project: first the Palestinian Customs and now the Israeli Customs have pre-cleared our first shipment of 1,920 (one pallet) of Luci Lights for the children of Gaza!

This is especially important because not long ago, Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza — and frankly, nearly everyone — was unaware that Palestinian NGOs are able to receive donations directly. With this pre-clearance, our first pallet will ship next week from Ningbo, China, to Ashdod, Israel, and then on to Gaza City. If all goes well, the lights will be distributed by our trusted partners on the ground without any further delays. The first pallet is cleared for distribution by the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. We now start raising funds to purchase our next two pallets, to be distributed by the Rafah Women’s Program Center and the Al Basma Club for the Disabled.

We expect our solar lights to arrive in Gaza in mid-April. The sooner the better, as the rolling blackouts in Gaza are becoming more frequent and obstructive every day – and children need our lights to study for their finals. The families in Gaza are counting on us, and, thanks to your support, this dream to bring light and hope is being made real.

On March 14, our first pallet of 1,920 solar-powered Luci lights shipped out from China en route to Gaza to Brighten the Future of Gaza’s Children. It will arrive in Ashdod on April 3rd, pre-cleared to enter Gaza.

We are sending solar lights so children can do their homework, families can cook with light, little ones can have a nitelight, because the power goes out every night. We are sending solar lights so together, we’ll press officials to end the blockade of Gaza.

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