Festival: “Nablus Road Open Day”

Posted on May 12, 2017


The second edition of the Nablus Road Open Day Festival has given life to the street in the heart of Jerusalem, known for its historical and archaeological sites. From May 4 to May 6, thousands of local residents came to participate in various cultural, artistic and recreational activities, organized after a long period of abandonment, due in particular to the demographic change of the last fifty years.

Chairman of the Tourism Council of Jerusalem
“Since 2010, we have witnessed a decline in tourism, so we thought it would be wrong to limit tourism to non-residents, on the contrary, it must also be offered to the people of Jerusalem. (…) The question then was: how do we do it?”

Director of the ‘Nablus Road Open Days’ event
“The main idea with which we launched the festival last year was a creation of a collective identity between the institutions of Nablus Road, coming from the different religious, cultural or economic fields. We tried to find some kind of synergy between these realities so they could work together toward a shared identity that we called Nablus Road ‘Jiran’ (neighbors).”

The initiative involves the participation of the Association of Arab Hotels and Local Churches and is supported by various Palestinian institutions, with funding from the European Union and the United Nations Development Program.

Prior of the Dominican Friars – St. Stephen’s Monastery
“Many churches have collaborated on the event: not only the St. Stephen monastery with the Dominicans of the École Biblique, but also the Franciscan Sisters, the Schmidt School, the Anglicans and other institutes.”

The various activities of the festival took place along the main sites of Nablus Road. The American Colony opened its historical archive to the public with a small show, the San George School set up a playground for children as well as various stalls of typical products. Children were also protagonists at the “Muslim Home for Orphans” school. The activities also included concerts, traditional stands and an exhibition of artwork by contemporary Palestinian artists at the Dominican St. Stephen Monastery at the Ecole Biblique.

Palestinian Artist – Co-Founder ART LAB Jerusalem
“This was a great opportunity for us to offer and communicate to people the artists’ ideas and their message through the paintings of the exhibition.”

A choral expression that has involved different localities in the name of beauty, tradition and the joy of sharing. We are already anticipating next year’s edition….