Notes about Christian Zionists
by Khalid Amayreh
April 2000

I completely identify with Br.Rev. Labib Kobti in his very objective
analysis. Christians, even in the US, are not carbon copies of Jerry
Falwell and Pat Robertson.

In fact I wrote a Master thesis on Fundamentalist' support for  and
infatuation with Israel back in 1983. I then cited an extreme example of
that support and infatuation.

here is the quotation:

"Occasionally, fundamentalist support for Israle takes on an ugly tone. Dr.
Roy Eckhardt, an American Methodist minister and Professor of Religion,
told a group of clergy gathering in Houston, Texas, in January 1970 that
'the proper place to give Christian wintess today is in an Israeli
munitions factory.' "

However, "it would be a serious mistake to view all Protestant leaders and
preachers as carbon copies of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. A sizealbe
sector among mainline Protestants does not share its evangilical brethren's
eschatological beliefs about Israel. For example, the National Council of
Churches (NCC), a supreme body representing 89 major Protestant
denominations, Organized many fact-finding missions to the Middle East and
adopted recommendations voicing the plight of the Palestinians and critical
of Israel.."

that was in the 1983.

Now, we see many good-harted, justice-loving Christians risk their life,
observing Israeli oppression of Palestinians in Hebron and elsewhere in
Palestine, like the Christian Peace-Making Team. We can but salute those
people for the great work they have been doing here.

I do believe that many, probably most, of the so-called Christian Zionists
are ignorant even of the Christian teachings, let alone the complex reality
of the Middle East.

I once had an argument with one of those from the so-called Christian
Embassy in Jerusalem, a Zionist body disguised as "Christian."

He argued that only Jews, whom he called God's ethnic people, had the right
to the land of Palestine.

I asked him what if an Israeli Jew was converted to Christianity...would he
still be entitled to inherit the land? To this he simply said (No), because
"a Jew is no longer a Jew once he becomes Christian."!!!

Sometimes, those so-called Christian Zionists do exactly the antithesis of
what Christianity teaches.

In 1982, for example, the Christian embassy in Jerusalem refuesed to
condemn the massacre of Sabra and Shatill. That "embassy" just parotted
what Sharon then said "Israel has nothing to do with's Arabs
killing Arabs."

So, I believe one should avoid generalizations about Christians vis-a-vis
Israel. I also believe that there are far more good Christians who follow
the true ideals of Christ than fundamentalists who believe that God deals
with nations in accordance with the way  deal with Israel...(this is what
Falwell said in his book "the Fundamentalist phenomenon.")

Again, thanks br. Labib for your passionate and sincere analysis.

 I wish you a very happy Easter to You and all Christians.