Dr. Maria Khoury writes about Prayers for the US President

Posted on May 15, 2018

Dear Friends of Taybeh,

As a little girl I use to pray for the President of the United States every Sunday in the Eastern Orthodox Liturgy though never really understanding why I should do so. But finally in my old age after waking up to the bloodiest day I have seen in Palestine in over twenty-five years, I realized the President of the United States needs emergency prayers by all people to be guided by the True Light of Christ. We simply need a President who will stand up for justice and human rights. Not a President who stands up for Israel because he is the beneficiary of 30 million dollars in campaign and inauguration donations from the famous Zionist Sheldon Adelson. Following a two-day slaughter of Palestinians, America has just lost its place in being a mediator for a just peace in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

“Congratulations, Israel” is what President Trump said regarding the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. So I sit speechless as to why Israel should be congratulated for 59 Palestinians shot dead and more than 2700 severely injured while peacefully protesting the intolerable conditions in Gaza and seventy years of displacement since the Nakba which was Israel’s great glory in being established and Palestine’s great catastrophe in having more than five hundred villages wiped from the face of the earth in massacres. So I guess in my brain I hear: “Congratulations, Israel! It is 1948 all over again” A very dark and black day in Palestine which will go down in history as a two-day massacre at the Gaza boarders with over forty-thousand unarmed protestors. The local hospitals are over floawing and missing basic supplies due to the cruel eleven-year blockade.

I am simply disgusted that Israel is rewarded for colonizing Palestinian land. The decision to move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was simply putting gas on the fire for anyone living behind the wall. It was indented to provoke Palestinians, and it succeeded to do so while condoning an apartheid regime. Among the buried today are an eight-month baby and a young man in a wheelchair named Fadi Abu Saleh who had lost his legs in 2008 from Israeli rocket fire. They are examples of the threat Israel feels in using deadly force. We simply need the international community to pressure Israel to end the occupation.

As many people believe, Jerusalem–in a very special location, holy to many–should be a place of peace, justice, and reconciliation. We ask our friends around the world to continue to pray for a just solution and in accordance with international law.

Dr. Maria Khoury