The Brothersí School Bethlehem

Location: Our school is situated in the southwest of Bethlehem, only a ten-minute walk to the Manger Square and the Nativity Church. Bethlehem is located approximately 5 miles south of Jerusalem.


telefax: 02-743244

History: The Ecole des Freres was founded by the De La Salle Brothers in 1909. Its first location was on top of a hill just outside Bethlehem. In 1975 its premises were used to house Bethlehem University, and the Brothersí School moved to its present location in the southwestern part of the city. Present: The school today serves about 700 students from Bethlehem and the surrounding villages and refugee camps. The school runs 27 classes from pre-school through high school.

Students Backgrounds: Our school community is highly diverse, with students from various social and religious backgrounds (60% Christians and 40% Muslims). In 1967 the school was the first school in the area that provided education for both boys and girls.

Staff: The staff includes 50 experienced and qualified Palestinians, who attained their degrees locally and abroad.

Curriculum: Besides the Palestinian curriculum, we teach independent studies in English, French, health education, computer science, religious studies, and music. Our special education teacher supports pupils with learning difficulties in the subjects of Arabic, English, and Mathematics.

Projects and Programs: Over the years, our school has gained much experience with the community through many national, religious, sports, and social activities. The school participates in programs that include peace education, democracy, conflict resolution, and human rights conferences, seminars, and workshops. Other programs include courses in interfaith education, health education, tourism, and photography. Most students take part in after-school activities such as basketball, soccer, visual arts, music, and drama. Pupils from 3 to 12 years old join our annual summer camp, in which they learn sports, arts, music, swimming, and other activities.

Parent Teachers Association: The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) has been founded to promote a friendly cooperation between teachers, students, and parents. It has proven to be an effective technique to establish and promote good relationships.

Chaplain: A resident school chaplain is ready to provide pastoral care and to celebrate Holy Mass for students, the community, and tourists in the school chapel.

Student Counselor: Students with problems in the social, psychological, and academic field have the possibility to see a professional student counselor.

Medical Care: The medical room offers all facilities and full equipment needed to give our students as well as teachers personal accident and medical insurance.

Library: In our library we have a wide variety of books, magazines, slides, videotapes, and audio cassettes in Arabic, French, and English.

Computer Laboratory: Students, starting in the third grade, practice computer skills in a computer laboratory.

Science Laboratory: In our science lab, students can improve their lab skills in the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology.

Multipurpose Hall: For special occasions and celebrations, we have a multipurpose hall with theater and indoor games facilities.

Swimming Pool: An outdoor swimming pool, built in 1995, is available for students, former students, and the community.

Finally. . . Although this information might give you an impression of our school, the friendly, lively, atmosphere of the Freresí can only be experienced by coming and visiting us.

Visitors who wish to stay overnight can get a room in our well-equipped De La Salle Hostel.

You are most welcome.