Main Objectives of LaSallian Human and Christian Education in the Holy Land


The guiding principles and objectives of the LaSallian schools (ďThe FreresĒ) spring from the spirituality, the educational policy, and the teaching mission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools as inspired by St. John Baptistís writings, by his recommendations, and by his conduct. The Brothers themselves (The Freres) and their colleagues have been striving to realize these objectives, moral and educational guidance for more than 300 years.

The main goals of the LaSallian Human and Christian Education are:

1. Education of the youth from various social and religious backgrounds through the inculcation of principles and values of faith, hope, and charity in teaching the set programs, or the religious lessons, and in carrying out extra-curricular activities.

2. Development and adaptation of a new culture among the young, based on the positive elements found in our Arab and Palestinian culture, with the aim of sharing in the building of the human society and the strengthening of national spirit.

3. Caring for every individual student in order to develop the several peripheral aspects of his or her personality. The is accomplished through excellence in education, based on the recognition of every personís dignity. On the respect due to that person, and on the attention given to his preoccupation, his suffering, his hope, and his need to render service to others, now and in the future, without fear or discrimination.

4. Providing students with knowledge, in both the sciences and languages, and developing every studentís gifts, skill, aptitudes, and constructive tendencies, for a stronger attachment and allegiance to country and Church.

5. Creating a LaSallian School environment by fostering fraternal relationships among students, between students and teachers, and between the school and parents. This is achieved through an efficient school system and a healthy administration which combines gentleness with determination.

6. An awareness of the tremendous cultural and human changes happening today, and the taking advantage of modern developments, particularly in the fields of mass media, communication, and modern teaching methods, in order to keep abreast of new inventions and to face present as well as future challenges with the hope of achieving educational and academic excellence.

7. Promoting education , and preparing the LaSallian teacher by instilling in him or her a genuine professional spirit in view of serving society, youth, and especially the poor.