‘Daily thoughts from Jerusalem’, the new book by Michel Sabbah

Posted on Feb 28, 2016

The new book of the Latin Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah was presented on February 18 at the Yabous Cultural Center of Jerusalem. Among the participants, various prominent personalities from the Holy Land.


(Christian Media Center) Jerusalem, February 26, 2016 – ‘Daily thoughts from Jerusalem’. This is the title of the new book by Michel Sabbah, the former Latin Patriarch of the holy city, presented Thursday, February 18, in the ‘Marrakesh’ hall of the Yabous Cultural Center. On stage: Prof. Samia Khoury and Dr. Nazmi Al Joubi, a professor at Birzeit University, in the presence of the governor of the city Adnan Husseini, director of the Center “Al Liqa”. Also present: Father Rafiq Khoury and Issa Qassasiya, Palestinian ambassador to the Vatican.

Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem

“First of all, I wrote daily thoughts: one thought per day.
Secondly , the book focuses on charity, since charity is the basic virtue of Christianity: he who loves is a Christian, he who loves is a human being. We need love in all fields: love in our relationships with other people and between the different religions and nations, as well as love among us Christians.”

Many people from the audience participated by asking questions to the patriarch, who stressed that he decided to collect his thoughts in the pages of a book to have them available for the readers, who will be able to return to their content, which would be a starting point of reflection and meditation in their daily life.

Director – ‘Al Liqa’ Cultural Center

“The Patriarch’s daily thoughts were first published on Facebook and then made known to many people, generating widespread interest. Sabbah’s ideas are very profound and precious and they want to inspire mankind to be more ‘human’. This is the distinctive character of this book. Obviously, it is not always easy to fully understand the significance of these writings, but I believe that through them, mankind and the world can become a better place.”

Ambassador of Palestine in the Vatican

“His Beatitude always talks about justice, peace and love. He symbolizes the suffering and the sacrifices of the Palestinian people. He defends their rights to establish their own state with freedom and dignity. His words are heard by all generations: in him we see a future and hope, love and redemption. He is a living saint. ”

In his introduction to the book, Father Rafiq Khoury says:

“In this book we find one of Sabbah’s hallmarks: his way of using direct, essential and sincere words, expressed by a wise man, but the Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem is, above all, a man of faith, who follows the events of the world and of the Middle East grasping their profound meaning.”